29 July 2006

Two parts of the AC that have not been sufficiently pondered

AC XV:1 Our churches teach that ceremonies *ought to be observed*
that may be observed without sin. Also ceremonies and other
practices that are profitable for tranquility [Note: one has only to think
of the disruption in congregations that have forsaken the historic
liturgy!] and good order in the Church (in particular holy days,
festivals, and the like) *ought to be observed.*

AC XXVIII:53-55 We answer that it is lawful for bishops, or pastors,
to make ordinances so that all things be done orderly in the
Church... It is proper for the churches to keep such ordinances for
the sake of love and tranquility, to avoid giving offense to another,
so that all things be done in the churches in order and without

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Anonymous said...

That would assume that the Confessions are being taught at all. Two people, one of which is a practicing LCMS member, and one which has converted to another sect, were unaware that "Confession" is still supposed to be "practiced" in the church as prescribed by the AC. The troubling part of this is that the practicing member had to ask what the Confessions were! Oy!