18 July 2006

Patristic Quote for the Day - for Stagiare

Humility, too, and a complete absence of self-assertion were common to you all; you preferred to offer submission rather than to extort it, and giving was dearer to your hearts than receiving. Asking no more than what Christ had provided for your journey through life, you paid careful heed to His words, treasured them in your hearts, and kept His sufferings constantly before your eyes. The reward was a deep and shining peace, a quenchless ardor for well-doing, and a rich outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon you all. Clement of Rome, First Epistle, par. 2


stagiare said...

"Jesus consecrates the church, you and me, and all the believing baptized. Those who will become church because of the word to the disciples are offered to the Father to be kept in his name,- to see his glory. He wants us to see the glory of the unity that has been done by his suffering on the cross for us. In that suffering he was "divorced from God" as he "divorced" us from sin, condemnation and satan's works.

In his resurrection Jesus carries us back to God himself, "marrying" us to God and each other. Jesus prays that the glory of his work for salvation by the forgiveness of sins, preached and believed, may be on the church - the believing disciples." Kenneth F. Korby 1988

God gives satisfaction to the torured soul....compline then sleep. Amen

William Weedon said...

THAT is beautiful. Yes, he loved "The Great Divorce" imagery, didn't he? Thanks!!!!