07 January 2007

Busy Day

Two Divine Services, with Bible Study in between, then off to the hospital to visit Marianne. Anointing of the sick, prayers and the Word. She still needs many prayers - still on ventilator, very puffy, and the ever-present danger of recurrent infection. But she was alert and nodded when I asked if I could anoint her and pray with her. Cindi came with me - a shock for her to see Marianne like this. Then home for a couple hours this afternoon to try to rest a little (woke up at 2:30 last night and not able to return to sleep). Helped Cindi make dinner (great new lo-carb soup - we love these books Cheryl gave us for Christmas!). Vespers in Church - and the Church was returned to it's pre-Christmas state. I'm enjoying the simplicity! Public School Confirmation - on the struggle of prayer when God seems against us (Matt 15:21-28). Then home to work on bulletins and stuff for next Sunday. Still up in the air as to whether we will go to MD for funeral of Cindi's aunt, which I have been requested to preside at. Both of us are quite hesitant to leave IL with Marianne still in critical condition. This week promises to be crazy, whether it includes a trip to MD or not. Lord, Thy will be done! Show us the path!

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Stoleman said...

May God grant you the clarity to follow the path blindly, knowing His hand is leading you no matter if it is to stay or go!! To Him be the glory forever and ever!!!

Be at peace with the knowledge you are doing His work in the lives of many who may have never had a pastor to sit with them in the hospital, preach to them at a funeral, but plainly hear the love He has for us even to hanging on a cross exposing us to the fullest extent of the Law, but proclaiming the sweetness of the Gospel in His being raised on the third day and our being baptized into that resurrection promise!!!

To Him be the glory!!!

Darian L. Hybl