12 January 2007

This Coming June 5th...

...my lovely Bride will have put up with me for 25 years. Where has the time fled? To celebrate, we decided we would do something we've never done anything like before. We're going for a week to Cancun in May. We made the reservations today. Cindi's sister Deb and hubby Doug will probably join us for part of that week. This is a great concession on Deb's part, because she happens to love the ocean as much as I enjoy listening to Country Music! Now to get pictures, passports, and the like. Hard to believe that a three hour plane trip from St. Louis lands you in paradise...


Pastor H.R. Curtis said...


We were fortunate enough to once receive a week down there as a gift - enjoy it!

And if you get a chance, take the bus ride out to the pyramid.


Fr. Hank said...

Just remember what Miss Lilian Carter said to the King of Morocco,
"It's a beatiful country, expcept too many foreigners live there" 8>)

Dixie said...

Congratulations to you and your wife! Of all the traveling I have had to do for work...I have never been to Cancun...sounds absolutely delightful.

Mr. Dixie and I will also celebrate our Silver Anniversary this year, too...Oct.30. Our plan is to go to the holy land...Oh, no, not the REAL Holy Land...but the automobile holy land...the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. (I think I'd rather go to Cancun!!!) ;)

Anonymous said...

. . . not to mention being a concession on the part of the self-proclaimed homebody himself! LOL!!


Enjoy!! Please pass congratulations from Laura and I on to Cindi.

- Jeff

William Weedon said...


Congratulations to you and Mr. Dixie too!


You have no idea how much I went back and forth on this because 1) leaving the country; 2) actually getting on an airplane; 3) a week away from HOME. : )