06 January 2007

Irish Treat

Last night the Herberts family treated the Weedons to a wonderful meal and time for visiting at McGurk's in Soulard. What a great place! We'd eaten at Tucker's before (not far away), but never at this Irish pub. I set aside the Atkins for a day and enjoyed a treat of fish and chips. Cindi stuck to plan and when I saw how good hers looked, I almost wished I had ordered the same: a reuben sans bun with the thousand island on the side, and asparagus in place of chips. Good conversation and the first time that our whole families have gotten together, with that lovely Irish music in the background. I was fighting a headache on the way down, but it faded away during dinner and so the evening was quite enjoyable. It's one of Dean's favorite eating places and I can see why. I suspect we'll be back there before too long.


Dixie said...

Ah...the Soulard area...my old stomping grounds. My Croatian Oma used to take me on Saturday mornings to the farmer's market. We lived reasonably close by. I would walk to primary school at St. Joseph Croatian on 12th and Russell. I think McGurk's is right across the street? Of course on my side of the street there wasn't Irish music playing in the background but rather we heard strains from the tamburitzas and as we danced Croatian folk dances! Zivio!

William Weedon said...

Yes, indeed, Rose. Right across the street! I didn't know you grew up in St. Louis. If you told me that, I'd long since forgotten.

Chaz said...

When I was a student in Saint Louis, McGurks was our Thursday study spot. We'd get there at about 5:30 and sit where the music was just loud enough to be heard well, but not to distract us from our BHS's and NTG's.

At that time it had not yet been "discovered" and the prices were about a third what they are now.

I can't bring myself to go back. It's not the same as it was (even though it's still great).

I'm glad you enjoyed it!