03 January 2007


During Advent, our Wednesday Vespers replaces our usual Wednesday Bible Study and Compline. So we haven't prayed Compline together for many weeks. Tonight it was refreshing for the six of us to stand there in the semi-darkness of that lovely sanctuary and let the peace of God flow over us and soothe our hearts and minds, singing those ancient words.

Today was a busy day: matins; meeting with insurance adjustor about the damage to roof and organ; pastor's study group and lunch; visit to Marianne (please keep her in your prayers) on which I had the joy of Pastor Rethwisch's company (it reminded me how much I miss him being around!); office work and then Vespers; off with Rebekah to Clarinet lesson and while she was there I filled the van and had do some quick shopping; then back to dinner; Bible Class and Compline. It seemed the day was quite "rush-rush" and so it felt wonderful to stop at the end and bask in the psalms, hymn, reading and prayers of Compline. "Into your hands, O Lord..." indeed!

Now Bekah is needing help with some German, and then off to bed. An early day tomorrow!

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