21 January 2007


Basically been in bed with flu since night of Marianne's passing. Nasty stuff. Pastor GeRue kindly took weekend services. Conserving strength to do funeral. Prayers appreciated.


Fr Hank said...

Oh, we both came down with a flu,,, misery loves company or some such ?

While you're laid up with nothing to do ( ! ),,,this address is for a Coptic Orthodox weekly message http://www.theotokos.org for the website, and subscribe@theotokos.org to sign up,,,,,, it has a good Lutheran price, free. They offer a gratis twelve month liturgical kalendar of the Coptic Church of Alexandria, which comes every year,,, do ask for it. Their ancient version of the Eastern Liturgy is a treasurestore of resources.

This is the recent one for Nativity:
"The furnace moist with dew was the image and figure of a wonder past nature. For it burnt not the Children whom it had received, even as the Fire of the Godhead consumed not the Virgin's womb into which It had descended. Therefore, in praise let us sing: "Let the whole creation bless the Lord and esalt Him above all forever!" Nativity Canon Irmos 8.

When next in St Louis, check out CTM, vol. XXXVII, January '66, No.1, pp.5 - 37, 'Martin Chemnitz' Views on Trent: The Genesis and the Genius of the Examen Concilii Tridentini, by Arthur Carl Piepkorn. Came across it yesterday while reading through the flu with a stack of back issues of CTM.

Fr. Hank said...

Check out http://www.lacopts.org for a more colorful and detailed view of our Non-Calcedonian brethren.
Under news, the accouncement of the repose of Fr. Henien gives a quick thumbnail history of the Copts in the diaspora.