26 January 2007

St. Titus

Today was the last of three days this week we gathered before dawn to sing Matins and then celebrate the Divine Service. I will not lie: I am looking forward to sleeping in a wee bit tomorrow.

And have you ever thought about how earthy our God is? I mean, St. Timothy, St. Paul, St. Titus. St. Timothy's foreskin gets the chop so that it would not get in the way of bringing the Gospel to the Jews. But when folks demand that St. Paul do the similar job to Titus, well, Titus remains intact: a testimony that what Love can freely give, Christian freedom can never yield to as a demand. There's the whole principle of adiaphora in a, well, foreskin.

Don't know about you, but I think St. Titus got the better end of the deal...

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Eric Phillips said...


Nice summation of the theological point, too.