10 January 2007

Marianne Update

First, thanks to all of you who have been praying for Marianne, our parish's secretary and chief organist - please don't stop!

Second, Marianne is doing better and looks MUCH better. She's in the step-down unit from ICU. Her color is much better, and the ventilator is gone. She's just beginning to be able to talk, but it still takes a lot of effort. Coughing still looks very painful for her. No food yet, but she says she hasn't really wanted it up till now.

"O Lord, look down from heaven: behold, visit, and relieve Your servant, Marianne, for whom we pray..."


Jim Roemke said...

Pr. Weedon,
I am very happy to hear of the recovery. Could you give me some advice or direction on annointing of the ill? I noticed that you did that for Marianne, but that is not something taught at the seminary and my Vicarage supervisor did not do this. It sounds like a really nice and meaningful thing.

William Weedon said...


I just used the rite as printed in the Lutheran Service Book Agenda. You'll see that in visiting the sick, anointing is an option. A bit of a wordy option, but an option still.