06 June 2007


This is the mandatory self-reflection that every blogger does on the blogging endeavor. I mean, why does one do it? I have a simple reason: it saves on the phone bill.

You have to know me. I tend to GET EXCITED when I come across something that I find neat - a quote I like, or a thought that comes to the mind. And I love to run them by other people.

There are those of you reading this who have been my victims in the past. Bachman always said it was like putting a quarter in the vending machine (dates him, eh? QUARTER???) and out pops the quote or whatever.

This way, when I find something I get excited about, I can throw out it out to cyberspace and see if there's another soul out there who finds it worth talking about. It is MUCH more polite than calling on the phone and MAKING them listen while I read the sermon or the quote, or expressed the idea.

And besides, dang it all, it is so much fun meeting other people. I have a host of friends that I'd never have known except for this crazy free-for-all medium. Yes, this is the same person who complained about folks getting too worked up about things when they wrote. Don't you see - it's different when it is ME? :( Lord, have mercy!

So anyway, you guys have saved me a ton on my phone bill and freed up lots of time for my friends that used to be consumed with "listening to Weedon." I think you're doing a public service, frankly. And that is why I like to blog. So there.


Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Some people think of blogging as more of a wrestling match than a conversation. More on wrestling below, but firstly what I find so beneficial about the Lutheran blogosphere is the informing, teaching, and learning that goes on -- especially on the blogs run by God's called and ordained.

I left the "conversation" of LutherQuest permanently a few months ago, but not because of the polemics. I finally realized that it had ceased being a place of good teaching and learning. I don't even read what's going on there anymore. The remaining participants there (other than Rolf Preus) aren't even orthodox Lutherans. This problem is mollified in the blogosphere because you can select good orthodox sites to monitor and participate on.

I do appreciate what LQ used to be. I learned a great deal of very important theology in the earlier days of LQ when the likes of you, Preus, and Webber kept the nuts (like me) in check.

Now I continue to learn a great deal by reading and participating on Cyberbrethren, the BOC blog, and of course this blog. These (and others) are such great means by which to supplement the teaching of Lutherans on all things Lutheran, not to mention keeping us all informed of what's going on in the church.

I must admit also that I still find it beneficial to keep the conversation going on my own Lutherans and Contraception blog, but only because otherwise there isn't any conversation going on with regard to that topic. I hope there are those still benefiting from the information I provide there. However, were the pastors keeping that public conversation going, I would drop my "contributor" status in a second.

But now what about that "wrestling" component of blogging? Well, that's where the proverbial rubber hits the road. I think the most beneficial aspect of Lutheran blogging can be found in it's nature as a well-ordered battle field. Let me explain what I mean...

I have come to believe strongly that the ongoing pointed "conversation" of the Lutheran blogosphere is providing something that is raising MEN's interest and involvement in the church. The femininization of the church which has occurred since the end of the ages of martyrs and ascetics is being seriously challenged by this new "monastic order" of Lutheran bloggers. In that respect, the polemics of online discussion provide an important attraction for men, who have an inborn necessity to fight or struggle for something. What greater cause to be fighting for than Confessional Lutheranism?!

The Lutheran blogosphere is causing an awakening of Confessional Lutheranism among the testosterone-rich husbands and fathers of Lutheran families who have been so silent for generations. THAT can only be good!!!

So don't let anyone disparage the Lutheran blogosphere. Next to Issues, Etc., it's one of the hottest irons we have to poke in the liberals' eyes!

My 2¢

Heidi said...

Another 2¢ - Have you noticed the relative absence of liberal Lutheran bloggers and the fact that men tend to blog about Lutheranism more than women. I would say that there probably are more liberal (nominal) "Lutherans" blogging out there than we realize. But they don't blog about Lutheranism. If they even blog about theology, we wouldn't recognize it as Lutheran, and they'd rarely quote Luther or the BoC. That's why we don't notice them or find them in Google searches. Perhaps there are other factors, like the lack of testosterone in liberal theologians. Liberal Lutherans probably blog about cooking, gardening, and other relatively feminine topics.

Erich Heidenreich, DDS said...

Ooops! I posted the comment above under one of my kids' google accounts. BTW, the profile picture she uses is Heidenreichstein Castle -- the mightiest and best surviving moated castle in Lower Austria.