16 June 2007

Good gravy!

Pool is STILL filling up! We enjoyed it today, even though it was only part way inflated. What a LOT of water that is. I am hoping that it finishes up before 10 or 10:30 tonight so I can TRY to turn on the pump. I've been warned that it doesn't always work. :(

I must say, though, that the set up was quite simple, despite a few hiccups along the way. I'm wondering if it will be hot enough (and warm enough in the water) to enjoy it tomorrow for Father's Day. We decided to order the saltwater system to see if it will make it easier than dealing with chemicals. As far as chemicals today, I just dumped a bit of bleach in it to see if it would clean up the water. If the pump starts up tonight, it *should* be ready for use tomorrow.

And the order of the day tomorrow will be shrimp - after church we're planning on firing up the grill and doing some shrimp on that, and we've got shrimp to heat up in the oven and shrimp cocktail to serve cold. It will be great celebrating Father's Day with Dave around. They're getting ready to head to Md for a nephew's wedding next weekend, and I'm already missing them. :( Hopefully, they won't be gone long, though.

While waiting for the pool to finish up, turned on EWTN to check out today's mass. AWFUL! So much about the Blessed Virgin and next to nothing about the Blessed Virgin's Son. Grr! And Fr. Mark was the preacher - he's usually better than that. Nothing like the Saturday masses dedicated to the Virgin to remind me of why I am a Lutheran Christian!!!


Anonymous said...

Same thing as the end of Deus Caritas Est - just when they got me they lose the definition of Alpha and Omega and settle on The Blessed Mother. She's great I have a statue of her and her Son, but there is no way even she would put up with the cult they have built for her.

123 said...

Not sure, but in the East Saturday is specifically dedicated to the Virgin, as well as to the departed and all monastics. Could be that it was heavy on the Theotokos for that reason. You know the traditional Latin Rite better than I do, though.

DebD said...

You guys got a pool? Hope you enjoy it more than I do. What size?

William Weedon said...


Amen and Amen!


Also in the West.


Yup. One of those Easy Set jobs that Walmart sells. AND it really was easy enough to set up by ourselves (unbelievable!) AND I got the pump going all by my own alone self too. Amazing!

Size is 18' round and 4' deep. If the saltwater treatment thingy works, it'll be basically chemical free.

Past Elder said...

Maybe it just dawned on me why you guys watch EWTN!

I don't because 1) it reminds me of what a pale subtitute what IS Catholic is for what WAS Catholic; 2) it reminds me of says gone by when I would watch that stuff trying to tell myself it's really still the same so I'm OK; 3) it reminds me of trying to hand on to a TV broadcast knowing that what I see has never been what happens in any actual parish I have been.

But maybe the attraction is this for you guys -- it helps you understand what is catholic from what is Catholic, and to grasp that what is Catholic is OK when it is also catholic.

Does that make sense?

DebD said...

AND I got the pump going all by my own alone self too. Amazing! Truly amazing! I hope someone took pictures.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon,

For what it's worth, Saturday June 16 was the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Western Church. It follows the Feast of the Sacred Heart on Friday, June 15. EWTN, of course, would pull out all the stops on a feast day for Mary.

At my parish church it would have been celebrated at the early morning Mass and our priests would have made a very strong connection between the faithful handmaiden of the Lord whom God invited to be the Mother of the one and only Savior of the world.

Memorials for the Blessed Virgin Mary may be celebrated on Saturdays in Ordinary Time unless of course they are superseded by other feasts/memorials.

The Roman Liturgy of the Hours are very Christocentric in the celebration of memorials of the BVM. For all the glories some folks portray of the preconciliar church I have found a much more Biblical emphasis on the role of the BVM in the post-Vatican II church, although individual Catholics may sometimes run a bit amok with their Marian devotion.