21 June 2007

Insane Week

You know, I'm not even preaching this week, and it is a very good thing! This week has been nonstop one thing after another. And it doesn't show any signs of coming to a quiet conclusion either. I hate it when my spirit goes into hurry mode and the inner peace and calm leaves. It happens for me when activities (both parish and family and my own private life) seem too big to squeeze into the time allotted. Thankfully, it really doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it seems to snowball. As mom always said: "One thing and another, one thing and its brother." I think I need to pray Compline tonight. There's something about that wonderful liturgy that opens the heart to the peace that passes understanding.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem to happen that way regularly...a week without preaching but then God provides a bonus of other needs, opportunities, and activities?

Still, William, if there's any one I know (albeit electronically) who can stay anchored with prayer, devotion, and reading in the busiest of time, it's you. From the warm glow of my monitor, it looks like you've got a life of prayer and contemplation shaped as well as any of us might on this side of the grave.

And you're absolutely correct about the power of Compline. During seminary, it was the way I would end a night of study in the library...just a handful of students recalling the purpose of their study and their lives and resting in the hand of God.

So, in a nonstop week, you are in my prayers for the peace that passes understanding.