23 June 2007

Happy birthday, you two!

Today is June 23. It is the birthday of my grandfather: Chancellor Barbor Weedon (born in 1879) and of my brother, Joseph Field Weedon.

I was ten when Granddaddy Chance died and 24 when my brother died in a car wreck. My grandfather was a very quiet man - of course, he had to be because my grandmother was not. :) My favorite memories of my grandfather are his visiting us in MD and sitting with me out on the swings. Yup, that almost 90 year old man got on the swing with his grandson. You gotta love a fellow who would do that!

My brother Joe was not quiet. Not by a long shot. He and I loved to argue. Not fight, mind you. But argue about this, that, and everything. We ENJOYED it, but it drove the rest of the family crazy. I remember drinking my first whiskey sour with Joe, and spending one precious afternoon and evening and night together, talking and talking until the sun rose. He was far more intelligent than I could ever hope to be. I miss him more than words can say.

Oh, and he was a male chauvinist pig of the highest order. I remember his advice to me when I got married: "Remember, don't pick up the clothes. Just drop them on the floor and make HER pick them up and wash them." Ha! He was never married to Cindi. I still remember the day I ran out of clothes to wear and she looked at me innocently and said: "I assumed you didn't want them washed since you didn't put them in the clothes hamper." I don't think I ever had the nerve to share with him my colossal failure with the clothes...

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