20 June 2007

Thoughts at the end of the day...

A varied day today. Matins, Vespers, Eucharist, and Compline all in the course of the day (Eucharist at Worden for Passtor Curtis); shutin visits; work on Starck and a variety of writing assignments. Discussion with some dear Roman brothers. Blog writing.

And still waiting for CPH to ship the Builder (and me to learn to use it!) and the arrival of the saline solution for the pool. Tonight the ladies of the Weedon family are at the Muny watching Oklahoma! David's been in Word of Warcraft all day. Just caught EWTN's mass. Past Elder, it never ceases to fascinate and irritate me!

Pastor Lehmann will preach this Sunday (Nativity of St. John the Baptist), so I've been focusing my attention on next week: the call to live in mercy.

Running through it all: the restful presence of our Lord through whom we gain the strength and comfort to keep on going on. Glory to You, Lord Jesus! Glory to You!

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Past Elder said...

Well, for me it's just irritate, so I don't watch!

I'm still wondering if the reason Lutherans who aren't "converts" from Catholicism of one kind or another watch EWTN is it helps illustrate what is catholic and what is Catholic.

My only beef on my home turf is the extent to which the novus ordo has contaminated our worship.