22 June 2007


And you all thought I am hopelessly inept when it comes to mechanical things. Well, I'll have you know that I not only installed the pump on our pool all by my own alone self, but today I installed the salt-water system that produces chlorine for the pool without adding chemicals. And I did THAT all by myself. I cannot tell you the RELIEF when the little green light came on, announcing that chlorine was being made. Wow. There MIGHT be hope for this boy yet. Better watch out - next thing I'll be tinkering with the van. Well, okay, that takes a bit of imagination, but who'd have ever thunk it about the filter AND the chlorine system? See, miracles still do happen.


Anonymous said...

See, I told you that God was good ... and that there are still miracles ....:)

But, PLEASE stay away from the automotive side! I grew up changing oil, replacing points, putting in shocks and all that stuff. The guys in the shop have a lift for that: we have to shinny under the car, usually on the pavement or in the dirt, or put it up on shaky blocks.

You done good with the pool .. !


Future Church said...

If you get really ambitious, I have an old tractor that needs a new radiator. Each time I grab my toolbox and start walking to the barn I get the evil eye "where do you think you're going with that???" look from my wife. I now view my tools as a manly sort of decoration. They're nice to look at, but put in my hands they're about as useful as a football bat.

Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Congratulations. I'm about to engage in manly endeavors by repairing my deck. It will require:

A. Big-old honkin' deck screws.
B. Electric drill!!