08 June 2007


We got an early start to the day. David was flying out to MD to join his cousin Andrew for a backpacking trip in the West Virginia mountains. He'll be gone for a week. He was a tad nervous about doing the airport thing by himself, but I figured if you're almost 19 and sporting a beard, the airport folks aren't going to buy that I need to walk my little boy down to his gate! He arrived in MD safe and sound - and was picked up at the airport there by his cousins Dorothy and Andrew.

Cindi and I stopped for breakfast at Sergeant Pepper's on the way home. Also picked up a few perennials to plant in the garden. Weird to get all our Friday running around done by 8:30 a.m.!

Bekah is still recovering from having her four wisdom teeth removed yesterday. Poor thing is still bleeding, which concerns us a bit. She looks very chipmunky at present! She's planning on driving herself down to Camp Wartburg on Sunday and doing a week of counseling. I hope she feels up to it.

Tonight we're hosting a gathering for the Circuit pastors and families. Many folks are out of town, of course, but I'm sure we'll still have a nice crowd.

Next week promises to be rather quiet. With David and Bekah gone for the week, and Lauren nannying every day from 6 till about 6, Cindi and I will be the only ones about - at least during the day.


Anonymous said...

Cindi and I will be the only ones about

Sounds nice, can I come over?


William Weedon said...

By all means!!!