19 June 2007

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

As the Creed is the rule of faith, so the Lord's Prayer is the rule of all prayers. -- Martin Chemnitz, *The Lord's Prayer* p. 21


Dixie said...

Have you listened to Father Hopko's audio series on the Lord's Prayer? On this particular point I think he would most certainly agree with this quote from Luther.

William Weedon said...

I've not done it. Deb left me the CDs and I just never got around to listening - my van is without a CD player and that's when I do most of my "electronic" listening.

But note that it was Chemnitz, not Luther, but nothing Luther wouldn't be "amening."

I suspect when it comes to the topic of the Lord's Prayer the various approaches of our differing confessions experience a huge convergence.