12 June 2007


Today our Synod remembers with thanks to the most Blessed Trinity the holy council at Nicea, the first ecumenical council. From the Synod's website:

The Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, A.D. 325

The first Council of Nicaea was convened in the early summer of 325 by the Roman Emperor Constantine at what is today Isnuk, Turkey. The emperor presided at the opening of the council. The council ruled against the Arians, who taught that Jesus was not the eternal Son of God but was created by the Father and was called Son of God because of his righteousness. The chief opponents of the Arians were Alexander, bishop of Alexandria, and his deacon, Athanasius. The council confessed the eternal divinity of Jesus and adopted the earliest version of the Nicene Creed, which in its entirety was adopted at the Council of Constantinople in 381.

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Sch├╝tz said...

That would be "Iznik", Turkey. I was there just on a month ago. It's a sad little town today--long past its prime. The senate house in which the first council met has been completely obliterated, and the Greeks had a good go at obliterating the church of Holy Wisdom in which the 7th Council was held too (with explosives during their short occupation after the first World War because it was being used as a mosque)--but it is still standing for the most part and is on Turkey's "to do" list. Have a look over on my blog for a couple of pictures.