28 June 2007


I'm working my way through Elert's Morphology again this summer, and came across this gem:

"Yes, Luther does not hesitate to characterize joy as the real motive of ethical behavior... He who is no longer sensible of the joy of Luther's Christmas hymns, of the jubilation in our Easter hymns, of Paul Gerhardt's 'God for us' and 'Christ for me,' should examine himself to see whether his theology is not more closely related to the Koran than to the Gospel." pp. 69,70


LPC said...


That hurt a bit.


Anonymous said...

Oh my,,,,,, Lex semper accusat so beautifully put.

Our local Orthodox priest,Palestinian, refers to things Koranic as 'pure legalism',,, it does rile some folks.

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

I must admit that I am totally infected by the whole electronic era. When I saw the title of this post I thought this was going to be about some electronic alert:e-lert. Made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

The title reminded me of the bad joke my sister used to tell when we were kids (in the late 60's).
"Be alert... the world needs more lerts."
As for the quote, it is all too true, the Muslims will never need to write a book entitled "The purpose driven Mosque."

Anonymous said...

When you say "Morphologie," do you mean the CPH-printed Volume I, or is there another English translation of both volumes?