17 June 2007

Fun Day

After services today, I came home to find this in the livingroom:

What could it be? I unpacked it to find this:

Which is megacool, since my old bike was stolen from our garage something like ten years ago and I've talked about replacing it for years and never got around to it. Now Cindi and I can ride together again.

But today was much too hot to ride the bike. Instead, after Cindi prepared a delicious shrimp fest for us, the girls decided to do this:

Then we headed out for some Coldstone Creamery goodies, and back for liverpool. Yours truly got to go out on the last hand, but that made no difference. Yours truly also had a ton of points before he went out. :(

Jo and Dave are headed back to MD tomorrow. May God's angels guard and protect them, and bring them back to us in safety again.

Now the old tummy is suggesting that some left over shrimp might be exactly what is needed to kill the appetite.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part is Lucy in the second picture. She looks like "what is this alien contraption doing in MY living room?"

- Jeff

William Weedon said...


You're right. Lucy hates anything out of the ordinary. When the snowman went in the front window at Christmas, she spend an HOUR barking at it, alerting us that it didn't belong there!