11 June 2007

Change in Calendar

St. Paul's has been carefully observing the sanctoral calendar of LSB, but the irregularity of these feasts has led to a bit of confusion. It is with joy that I announce that beginning the second week in July, we'll be offering virtually every Thursday a spoken Divine Service at which various saints days will be observed. Service will begin at 6:15 p.m. and be over by 6:45. If a day appointed in the sanctoral cycle falls in the octave, it will be observed on the Thursday. Since the LSB does not appoint readings for the Divine Service on those weeks when there is no saint's day or other feast transferred or observed, we'll use the assigned readings from the 1613 Magdeburg Book for the Thursday Eucharists. Pastor Lehmann told me that Pr. Petersen also recommends Thursdays in continual remembrance that it was upon that day our Lord gave us the Supper. Here is the schedule:

Thursday Eucharists:

July 12 Thursday of Trinity 5
July 19 Thursday of Trinity 6
July 26 St. James, the Elder
August 2 Thursday of Trinity 8
August 9 Thursday of Trinity 9
August 16 St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord
August 23 St. Bartholomew
August 30 The Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist
September 6 Thursday of Trinity 13
September 13 Holy Cross
September 20 St. Matthew
September 27 Thursday of Trinity 16
Oct 4 Thursday of Trinity 17
Oct 11 Thursday of Trinity 18
Oct 18 St. Luke
Oct 25 St. James of Jerusalem
Nov. 1 Sts. Simon and Jude (All Saints observed on Sunday)
Nov. 8 Thursday of Trinity 22
Nov 15 Thursday of Trinity 23
Nov 22 (NO EUCHARIST – Thanksgiving Day)
Nov 29 St. Andrew, Apostle
Dec 6 Thursday of Advent 1
Dec 13 Thursday of Advent 2
Dec 20 St. Thomas
Dec 27 St. John
Jan 3 Holy Innocents
Jan 10 Thursday after Epiphany
Jan 17 Transfiguration
Jan 24 Conversion of St. Paul
Jan 31 Purification of Mary
Feb 7 Thursday after Ash Wednesday
Feb 14 Thursday after Invocabit
Feb 21 Thursday after Reminscere
Feb 28 St. Matthias
Mar 6 Thursday after Laetare
Mar 13 St. Joseph, Guardian of Our Lord
Mar 20 Maundy Thursday – Sung Eucharist at 7:15
Mar 27 Annunciation
Apr 3 Thursday of Easter 2
Apr 10 Thursday of Easter 3
Apr 17 Thursday of Easter 4
Apr 24 St. Mark the Evangelist
May 1 Ascension – Sung Divine Service at 7:15
May 8 Philip and James
May 15 Pentecost Thursday
May 22 Corpus Christi
May 29 Thursday of Trinity 2
June 5 Thursday of Trinity 3
June 12 St. Barnabas, Apostle
June 19 Thursday of Trinity 5
June 26 Nativity of St. John the Baptist


Anonymous said...

Could this lectionary sometime be published, perhaps in the Bride? It would be nice to have that in common possession, along with the complete Wednesday and Friday series, as used (at least mostly) at Zion Detroit, taken from the Flurheym Deutsches Messbuch von 1529. Thank you.
Brian Westgate

Anonymous said...

Nov 22 ! ! ? ? ,,,,,,,,, No Eucharist on Eucharist Day ?? 8>)

What will Mr Lincoln ever think as he rolls over in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Aren't there some interesting commemorations that could be observed on those Thursdays that have no feast within its octave?

Anonymous said...

You're gonna do it!

... the Corpus Christi Feast.

William Weedon said...

Fr. Hank,

The Despot's heel shall not touch this boy's shore.


Indeed there are, and may well be commemorated in second collects and such.

William Weedon said...

Well, we'll probably just call it the Thursday after Trinity, but see the readings I printed out above at Brian's request. Also we'll likely do Thomas' sequence that day.