19 July 2008

The Mower

Wow! Very different from one I owned in the past. This is Scott's 20 inch reel mower - very easy to push and does a fine job clipping. Tom cut our back yard yesterday, all except around the pool, so when I got the new mower home I finished up around the pool and on a whim went over the back yard again, shaving off just a wee bit more than Tom's cutting had. Worked like a charm! There is something very peaceful about cutting grass without the roar of an engine or the smell of gas. Our next door neighbor when I was growing up, always had one for their yard. I can still remember how beautiful their yard was - the rose bushes along the fence, hydrangeas along the house, and the yard looking like it had a flat top hair cut. If I close my eyes I can still see Mr. Dick (may he rest in peace!) pushing that reel mower and tending his beautiful yard.


St. Charles the Illuminous said...

Reel mowers...the best push mowers I've ever used.

I bought one in April and love it; my wife, though, still derides it as "the Amish mower."

The best part is that I can cut grass right next to our playing one-year-olds and not worry about a thing.

Rosko said...

When I was a homeowner, I only used a Reel Mower. Scotts, 20 inch. Fantastic little bugger, isn't it? Just don't let the lawn get too long or it'll be tough.


USN Chaps said...

On top of all that, it's better for your lawn. It naturally mulches, but even if you collect the clippings, it cuts the grass instead of ripping the tops off (check out the dried hair-like veins from the grass blades on a rotary mower-mowed lawn). The grass doesn't get that browned-over top to it.

Anonymous said...

But you can only use a reel mower on real grass...not the water hogging tough as nails quack grass we've got in south central Texas.
[They are polite; they call it "St Augustine."]