21 October 2008

Arsenic and Old Lace

Some pics of Bekah as Mr. Witherspoon - she's wearing my clothes - and they fit - how scary is that? "I thought I'd had my last glass of elderberry wine!" "Oh, no. HERE it is!"


-C said...

A pants role! (as we used to call it in my old opera workshop). They say only the most talented actresses are assigned those parts!


David said...

It was a joy to perform "Arsenic" a couple years ago in Salem, IL. I was Teddy Brewster, a role I longed to play.

If there's one thing I miss about downstate, it's theater. It was a necessary diversion!

Will I see you on the 2nd in Girard?

William Weedon said...


I'll tell her to check out your comment - I'm sure it will make her smile.


I can so see you as Teddy... About the installation, sadly I have Catechism Service at that time and there will be no assistant to take over for me!!! :)

Rudemann666 said...

are those your old glasses too>

Anonymous said...

I still think she looks like you.