30 October 2008

TDP - Minor Gripes

And I stress MINOR. (Pic courtesy of the marvelous Jen B!)

* The Canticles following the Psalms are not pointed for chanting.
* The order of the stuff in the daily readings should ideally have been: Psalm HYMN Readings etc. That would have facilitated its use in the daily office.
* Instead of the first Psalm Chart, it would have been very nice to have had the days and morning or evening written into the Psalter itself (with a note recognizing that not everyone will pray it that way).

That's it. That's ALL I can suggest to improve the book. No joke. And how minor are those three things, eh? Oh, I know some folks consider the ESV to be a drawback; I don't. In general, it's a very good translation and I, for one, suspect it will have some staying power.


Neil W. said...

At CUW, Dr. Jastram presents to his classes a study of the best English translations of the Bible. ESV, NIV, and AAT are his top tier translations.

Anyways, I did think the same in the daily orderings. Psalm, hymn, readings, writing, prayer...it works better with the structure of the main daily offices. Although, I can see why they do it that way. If someone just wanted to do the readings for the day, for the sake of speed, it can be beneficial.

Mike Keith said...


You said "eh?" Looks like Canada did rub off on you!

O.H. Lee said...

I have a minor gripe...and I also stress MINOR. Bleed-through on the pages. But to be realistic, a book of that size would be simply massive had the pages been thicker. But, again, no big deal.

Even with the minor issues (which are so small), I also think the TDP is simply amazing.

Paul McCain said...
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Paul McCain said...

My only regret is the thought that might cause somebody to sprain a finger turning the page to get to the hymn verse.

: )

Paul McCain said...

I'm glad you had a few criticisms, otherwise somebody might accuse of being paid to say nice things about it, you know, those cynical, snarky people who say such things, or suggest such things. Oh, wait, I see one of them did.

: )

William Weedon said...


That's alright - they can sue you for it! :)


Eh? Eh? Eh? :)

Scott Larkins said...

So Fr. Weedon. What is your preferred translation of Holy Writ? The ESV is growing on me. I also like the NKJV and the NIV.

Rev. James Leistico said...

Though now I see that these are included as petitions in some of the Daily Prayer for the Christian, I would have liked to see more stand alone collects from LSB (and PCC) - especially for the sick, dying, and mourning; for the wayward and erring and enemies of the Church - and for the Government (1 Timothy 2... no matter the outcome of Tuesday, the new Pres will need all the help he can get.)

William Weedon said...


The ESV is my preferred. I dearly love NKJV, and best of all the original AV; but give me the ESV for regular reading and study.


Of course, if we prayed the litany each noon (see page 19), we'd cover all those bases and more, no?

Chris said...

Just curious, Fr. Weedon. How does this Treasury of Daily Prayer stack up against Lutheran Brotherhood Prayerbook or St. Dunstan's Plainsong Psalter?

RevRuesch said...

My only gripe is that mine isn't HERE yet!

I think it's a product of living in northern Minnesota...the recent warm weather has made travel for the sleddogs difficult.

J.G.F. said...

It came today! I'm thumbing through it right now, as I sit here at the 'puter. Gonna be a late night.... really late :-)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, I see P-Dub has adopted "Irish" McCains name for him!


Pastor Leistico, I know P-J wasn't unique enough, so let's go for P-Bo. For the Jimbo.

I really should go to bed, sorry....;-)

Rev. James Leistico said...

um. no. Let's not.

it is kind of funny on second thought. but then I'm sleep deprived too. stupid meds.

Jim Huffman said...

My primary beef with the ESV (along with the NIV and other such) is the question of manuscript families. This is the divide between the AV, NKJV and the others. Discussions about the English translation are secondary to the manuscript question.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Weedon:

Have you looked at the Orthodox Study Bible? If so, wondering what you think of their Septuagint translation.


William Weedon said...


I have seen the OSB. I think they did a far better job with the NT than they have with the OT. I think for the LXX, I'd still go with the old Brenton translation.


What major issues arise because of text families? ESV uses an eclectic approach and is not beholden to a single text family. But supposing it followed Byz text type exactly, that doesn't result in any significant changes to the text that I can think of.

Scott Larkins said...

Yeah. I picked up the OSB. Beautiful, but the commentary was sparse. I am happy to see our Eastern Brethren have the OSB available to them.

William Weedon said...


On comparison to BPB (which is already way better than St. Dunstan's in my opinion) check out the comments on the previous thread (at least, I think that's where it is!).

Greg Johnson said...

I was excited when I heard about the Brotherhood prayerbook, but when I got it found it so confusing and difficult to use, I stopped trying to figure it out. It is way too complicated. Also the King James English stuff is a bad point, along with the really hard Gregorian chant stuff. It was a great idea, but sure didn't do what I hoped.

Now I have the Treasury of Daily Prayer. Wow and Wow and...wow. Wonderful. Just what the doctor ordered.

I respect the people who put the Brotherhood book together, but it is just not much use. I'll still use it for some of the prayers in it though.

Rev. Paul Beisel said...

The authors of BPB tried to use as much from the Public Domain as possible, so as to keep production costs down. I prefer the King James in the Psalter though. I'm actually quite accustomed to it now.