04 October 2008


Lead by Principal Paul Miller (Unity Lutheran School - far left, top photo), a group of bikers toured six Lutheran Churches in northern Madison County today. They stopped at St. Paul's about 11:30. Pictured here is the whole group, and also President Herbert Mueller (of the Southern Illinois District - second photo) who joined the bikers on their trek - performing his episcopal visitations in a most old fashioned way!


J.G.F. said...

Nice! I'm jealous. Tell them they can ride out to East Moriches any time!

I should be hitting 500 miles this afternoon for the season. Butt STILL hurts!


William Weedon said...

500 miles is fantastic, John. Golly, I wish there were a way we could actually VISIT face to face again. Been way, way too long.

Paul McCain said...

Why weren't you out there with your cool set of wheels? They would have all been impressed, I'm sure.

The good president is looking good! He has dropped some poundage.

Anonymous said...

It was actually a great day! Clear blue October sky - cool morning. Great company - just an easy 33 miles of biking. Actually I was out classed but they let me keep up. But you are correct Paul, I have dropped about 45. Feel great! PEACE +HERB