01 October 2008

The Goal

Fabulously Fit by Fifty! Isn't that deliciously alliterative? Cindi and I started this challenge at the start of September. By the time we turn 50 (I've got six months more than she does - I married an older woman), we'll be in better shape than we've been in our lives to this point - God willing. HE holds the ultimate cards, of course. But assuming nothing catastrophic between now and then, we're committed to the weekly exercise routine (thanks, Pr. Hall - it's been a HUGE blessing). Boy, did I ever need it. Working out stress rather than holding in stress. Great stuff.

And I've decided to venture a tad on my Adkins and experiment with eating an apple each day. So far, no adverse weight gains, and I'm really enjoying the fresh fruit.

So far, the three times a week routine involves 45 minutes cardio and then working one major muscle group on each of the three days - except the mean lady at the Y made me do abs each of the three times. If you'd ever seen how butchered up my stomach is, you'll realize that abs are totally laughable. "Frankenbelly" my nephew calls the scar! So I'm quite skeptical about spending so much effort on that, but she insisted, so I'm doing it anyway.

Here's my challenge to you, dear readers: KEEP ON MY CASE! I give you permission to write me and nag at any time to see if I'm still doing it. If I miss - which I have no intention of doing - I'll post a public confession of my remissness right here on ye olde blog.

Any other 48 year olds out there want to join in? Come on! We can DO this, God willing. And, besides, it really is kind of fun.


-C said...

Can I say how I LOVE that your challenge is for us to stay on your case about this (instead of doing it ourselves)?

Wishing you much luck in this worthy endeavor!

Fairly Fat at 48 (or almost 48 - couple of weeks to go!)

Omar said...

To continue the theme on alliteration, the first statement is astutely alliterative :)


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Have you gotten a stress test, just out of curiosity? Just before you start a major thing, and with the Atkins and all.

rsennholtz said...

Dear Pr. Weedon,

I tried Adkins but I'm a coffee with cream & sugar addict so I opted for calorie counting (started in January). I'll be cheering you and Cindi on. Please do the same for this new St. Paul's member as I approach the big 5-0 (next spring). If I may: Your salesmanship of stomach crunching needs tweaking. :)


Doorman-Priest said...

Oh, I'm sorry....if only I were 48!

J.G.F. said...

I'll be joining you in this, too!

So far I've ridden 458 miles on my bike since July. The weight is slipping off, the depression is lifted and I feel good (well, except for my butt!)

Plus, I'm watching the carbs.... that diabetic thing, you know....


Anonymous said...


I applaud you for your dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Several years ago, when I was 46 or 47, I set myself the goal of becoming "Fabulously Fit by Fifty" too... and lost 58 lbs... wore a size 38 pant for the first time in nearly 20 years.... and was walking 5 miles a day.

I slipped off the wagon, and now that 50 is staring me straight in the face (I turn 50 in just a few weeks), I have resigned myself to being "Fabulously Fat at Fifty" : )

But on a positive note, I received my initation to join AARP yesterday! I know... I know.. you are enious! : )

I eagerly look forward to taking advantage of my Bob Evans Senior Discounts : )


Jim Huffman said...

"if only I were 48!"

I'm reminded of the time when the US Senate joined in wishing Ted Stevens (then Senator from Alaska ... soon to be Senator from Leavenworth) a happy 80th birthday. Robert Byrd (now 91) quipped, "Oh, to be 80 again!"

Lucian said...


Enjoy! >:)

William Weedon said...


What a remarkable display of ignorance! Kyrie, eleison!!!




I think you should set a new goal for age 51!


YOUCH. My butt hurts just thinking about all those miles. But congrats!


You can't be THAT much older than I am. I thought we were the same age?


LOL about the crunches!!!


Actually I've never had a stress test - but I'm sure I'd get an A on stress! ;)


And filled with assonance too!


Thanks. And thanks for your words on friendship on Emily's page. They meant a lot.

Todd Wilken said...


I'm confused by this "Atkins" of which you speak. Sounds cultish to me.

All I know is, the old Adam hates cardio.

One of the things that helped me retain my sanity over the last months has been the 2 miles a night I spend "pummeling my body." The running keeps my dog fit too.


wmc said...

Once you turn fifty, you put aside such silly notions. Pharmaceuticals and faith, baby!

rudemann666 said...

ok Bro Weedon...I'm in.
I have a leg that weighs as much as you...
BUT...17 pounds gone now, so I'll join your happy throng.
At a rather youngish 47, it's time...

Anonymous said...

"So I'm quite skeptical about spending so much effort on [abs], but she insisted, so I'm doing it anyway."

The purpose is not to give you six pack abs/a washboard stomach. It's to keep your lower back healthy. The whole point of strong abs is to keep the pelvis in alignment so it supports the spine in correct alignment. If the abs are strong and doing their job, they tip the pelvis backward, which straightens the lower back.


William Weedon said...


Glad you're in!


That at least makes some sense. Thanks!