25 October 2008

Baking Morning

Banana Nut Cake with Cream Cheese frosting - yes, it's a lo-carb recipe. Between Almond Flour and Splenda, what can't one come up with???


Anonymous said...

something good to eat

Anonymous said...

You can delete this comment if you want to.

I recently quit splenda and discovered that it was affecting my kidney function for years. Suddenly, I have to pee all the time. Take it easy on that stuff.

J.G.F. said...

My nutritionist tells me that Splenda, while not sugar, is a derivative of sugar. Because it is, even though it gives you no carbs, it still causes an insulin spike, as your body interprets it as sugar. She says this is problematic, as the higher the insulin levels, the more difficult it is to lose weight or keep it off.

She recommends the natural occuring Stevia instead. It tastes better than Splenda and does not interfere with your body's metabolism as Splend does.

It is available in health food stores and some of the larger grocery chains.

My .02 :-)


J.G.F. said...

Just a ps to my above post.

What happens is that Splenda, imitating sugar raises the insulin levels. But there is no sugar for it to act on, so the levels stay high.

In some folk who are diabetic (like your's truly) this can actually lead to insulin shock, which is a baaaaad thing. Just FYI. So while Splenda, in small doses is ok, one does have to be a bit careful.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

So do share the recipe!