02 October 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

For because of sin our nature was separated and alienated from the Deity, which is the fountain of life, so that the divine majesty, if He had acted without mediator between Himself and our human nature, could have fallen upon us like a consuming fire on a pile of straw. Therefore the Son of God assumed our nature, without sin, and first so sanctified it in His person that He made it not only alive, but life-giving. Then, through this nature by which He is our brother and of the same substance with us, He brought us into the most intimate union with Himself, so that we are brought back into union with God the Father, the fountain of life. The connecting link of our union with God is Christ, with us as a man through the blessed mystery, and as God He is united with God the Father by nature. - Martin Chemnitz, *The Lord's Supper* p. 127


Anonymous said...

Father Weedon,
Is the picture of Lutheran pastors distributing the Lord's Supper?

William Weedon said...

Yes, it is! In Hamburg, Germany. A glimpse into the way things used to look.