25 October 2008

Getting in the Mood for Thanksgiving

I dearly love that day. Cindi and I cook as much as we can ahead of time, but there's still LOTS to do the day of Thanksgiving. Best is when it's nice and cold - and even gray outside - because the warmth and joy of the day chases away so much of the November gloom. We're up early and then head to Church for Matins. Such a joyous service, and always fun to see the folks who have come home for the holiday. The choir sings, the bells ring, and the people really belt out the hymns and psalms. After we've sung our thanksgivings to God, we head home to enjoy the feast. We usually have family with us - this year I'm working hard at enticing my sister and her husband to join us - and we spend the day together feasting on those treats we make only for that day! And usually, sometime that day, we gather around the piano and begin singing Advent and Christmas carols - harmonies everywhere - and some time for cards. And let's not forget the after dinner nap! Anywho, Cindi and I began planning this morning. I'm hyped!


Neil W. said...

A question for you...Thanksgiving related. Are you familiar with any homilies, that would be good for Thanksgiving. From the early church possibly.

I'm already planning somewhat for Thanksgiving myself, and want to use it to introduce lay people to the Treasury of Daily Prayer, which is so amazing.

Now the countdown to the Lutheran Study Bible.

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

Matins? While that is lovely, I am surprised you do not have the Eucharist. Sure, it is a national holiday, not a Church festival. Nevertheless, every day it is meet, right, and salutary.

May I ask, is is simply tradition at Saint Paul's, or a choice you have made?

A Humble Padawan

William Weedon said...


I'm not aware of one off hand.

Fr. Heinz,

It's a St. Paul's tradition, but one I gladly keep. The Eucharist is offered the day before (each Wednesday). Aside from the weekly Chapels, Matins is only celebrated here on Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, and Easter Sunrise. So we treasure it when it comes around.

Doorman-Priest said...

I may just pop in.

William Weedon said...


I wish you would! And bring the family!!!