20 October 2008

Great Visit and Crazy Weekend

It was a real joy for us to have Deb here this weekend. She flew in on Friday and left this morning. The weekend was a bit of a whirl:

Bekah in Arsenic and Old Lace on Friday and Saturday; Bekah's tennis finals on Friday; Communion to Flo and then house-blessing for Dave and Jo on Saturday. Divine Service on Saturday. Deb and Cindi worked much of Saturday at Dave and Jo's to help with sorting through stuff from the move. I had my usual round on Sunday. Lauren and Dean, Dave and Jo, joined us for lunch on Sunday and then a game of cards. Catechism service on Sunday afternoon and then a little bit more visiting last night. Deb and I panicked a bit on the way to the airport as the traffic STOPPED on the highway just short of the airport. McCain was flying in and they stopped everything! Fortunately, Deb still made her flight and has arrived safely at home. Some pics from the weekend (and none of DEB???). Pics from Arsenic and Old Lace will hopefully show up tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Dad...that's a gross picture.

William Weedon said...

Why so?

Anonymous said...

I look nasty. and large.