01 October 2008


Well, let's just say NOT batting 100! I forgot to put dinner in the crockpot (yes, there was a note and a crockpot sitting on the counter and I totally missed both - even though Cindi had reminded me the night before). I arrive at the Y a few minutes behind where I wanted to be, only to find out that I hadn't packed a shirt. GRR! I was not about to exercise in my clerical!!! Fortunately the Y sold T-shirts, so I am 7 dollars poorer and the proud owner of a shirt boasting Y Basketball (you have to know me - this is hysterically funny). This delay put me late for our pericopal study that I was leading today. But then things calmed down. Sort of. After lunch, I headed to St. Louis to visit Alfred - only he was receiving dialysis, so after hunting up the dialysis lab we had a short visit and prayer together. Then back to the car - praying all the while that I hadn't got a ticket (I didn't have change). No ticket. Yeah! By the time I get home it's 2:30 and I'm thinking that Joanie will already have run the bulletin - but I had forgotten something for the Messenger so she and Shirley are sitting there visiting and waiting for the dingy pastor to finally check in. GRRR! I'm almost afraid to find out what will happen at the Divine Service, the Bible Study, and Compline.


Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

Actually, it sounds like you might be having a "batting 100" day. (The expression is supposed to be "batting 1000.") My day's been a bit like that too.

The unworthy priest,

Fr. Gregory

PS Could you spread the word for me about my selling a St. Louis edition and a Philadelphia edition of Luther's works? $1395 and $120 respectively. Thanks...

William Weedon said...

So you've shown that my knowledge of baseball is about the same as my knowledge of basketball. At least I ASSUME the phrase has to do with baseball and not cricket or something!

I don't know of folks with that kind of money sitting around (for the St. Louis edition), but should I unexpectedly come across someone I will certainly mention it.

Anonymous said...

so basically you're saying...you're old and senile.