01 October 2008

Yesterday was one of those days...

...when at the end I looked back and was amazed at how much actually happened:

Matins and reading of BOC...breakfast with Cindi and Bekah...taught two units of OT Catechesis in the school (the end of the flood and the way God puts signs on His promises)...trained some new acolytes...took the sacrament to Elva...lunched with Cindi...sacrament to Ruth, visit with Delmar, visit with Al...interviewed on Issues about St. Jerome...dinner...Vespers...wrote study on Wisdom 4 for Wed evening Bible Class...wrote and ran off Pericopal study for Trinity 21 for pastors study group (still can't figure out how to make the machine staple in the right spot!!!)...grabbed a glass of my fine boxed Chardonnay (last week I discovered not all boxed Chardonnays are created equal - give me please Franzia and not Rossi!) and went downstairs to catch the evening news before heading to bed (why did I bother with the news???).

Glory to You, O Lord, for the little joys of life, and for the big joy of sharing Your divine promises with Your people and those You bring our way!


orthodoxy hunter said...

"...the way God puts signs on His promises"

I'd LOVE to hear more about this - OT -wise.

William Weedon said...


Then you have to move to Hamel and come to the class. ;)

Seriously, it's a huge and great topic. God's signs are always X marks the spot sort of signs that locate the place where the promise is yours. But more on it will have to wait for another day!

orthodoxy hunter said...

Pr. W, you must mistake me for somebody who doesn't own a house in Michigan. We're trapped. I would LOVE to move out of this place.

It's funny you should say that though. I was entertaining the most absurd thoughts today. If I won the lotto and had tons of money, I could build a nice, historic-looking church and hire a super liturgical Lutheran pastor who can chant. Then I thought, Nah.. If I had money, I'd just move to Hamel. It would be easier.

Do you have a good Children's hospital in St. Louis?

btw - say an extra prayer for us tomorrow. We're traveling 9 hours away from home for 5 nights. We've never been more than 3 hours from home, or been away overnight since Natalie was born. She and I both have BAD colds, and I think I have something else going on too. Going to the doctor in a couple of hours. This trip is bad timing, but it's a working trip so I can't cancel or reschedule.

William Weedon said...

You're in my daily prayers, Jen. (And Natalie and Jason). Will definitely remember you during this trip, though.

St. Louis has TWO outstanding children's hospitals:

Cardinal Glennon and Children's Hospital.

Come on, lottery!!!! :)

orthodoxy hunter said...

It might help if we played.

elephantschild said...

Jen isn't the only one who might wish Hamel was a little closer!

(Although our new pastor recently installed? Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing us this shepherd! The man can TEACH!)