11 October 2008

Prayer at the Time of Death

[for Glenn and his family]

O holy and righteous God, it hath pleased Thee to call from this life Thy servant Glenn by temporal death. Let us learn from this death that we, too, must die and leave this world, in order that we may prepare for it in time by repentance, a living faith, and avoiding the sins and vanities of the world.

Refresh the soul that has now departed with heavenly consolation and joy, and fulfill for it all the gracious promises which in Thy holy Word Thou hast made to those who believe in Thee. Grant to the body a soft and quiet rest in the earth till the Last Day, when Thou wilt reunite body and soul and lead them into glory, so that the entire person who served Thee here may be filled with heavenly joy there.

Comfort all who are in grief over this death, and be and remain to the bereaved their Father, Provider, Guardian, Helper, and Support. Do not forsake them, and do not withdraw Thy hand from them, but let them abundantly experience Thy goodness, grace, love, and help, until Thou will grant them also a happy and blessed end. Hear us for Thy mercy’s sake. Amen. - Starck's Prayer Book


Ben said...

Hi Pastor Weedon,

I have a question: Do Lutherans continue to pray that God refresh the souls of their departed? I mean, beyond the bedside prayer, is there a yearly/monthly prayer that is said?

William Weedon said...

no nothing set. We do tend to remember the departed at All Saints, though