28 October 2008

A Few Days In...

...and some further reflections on Treasury of Daily Prayer:

The Psalmody printed with the daily readings makes a fine addition to a midday office, leaving the longer praying of the Psalter (as in the table on pages 1436,37) for daily Matins and Vespers.

Adding the "Writing" at Matins does mirror ancient precedent for the office, but it is a tad awkward when the piece in question is commenting upon the NT reading that is read at Vespers. It could also be read at the midday devotion.

I'm finding a natural rhythm of using the daily prayers (pp. 1306ff.) in Matins; reserving my private intercessions for Vespers - wasn't it at sundown that the people gathered round our Lord and brought to Him all who in need?

The Great O's come at the tail end of their appointed days - makes sense to have them attached to the daily readings, rather than having to look them up in another place.

Amazing how much you can pay attention to the words of the reading when you're not thinking: "Now, what verse is this supposed to end at?"

Pr. Tom Fast's little section on praying Luther's Small Catechism is gold.

There are like a hundred introductions to the Treasury (well, okay, so there are only SIX), but each of them is quite valuable in its own right and should be read through.

The only TRICKY part of using the book is that from Ash Wednesday through the Day of Holy Trinity, you have to keep your eye not only on the readings for the day, but also the commemorations, feasts, and festivals. And even this, they've made relatively easy, providing the supplemental material on pages 1275-1304.

The extra emphasis on the Catechism during the days of Lent (a catechetical writing provided for each day) will prove a blessing.

The amazement continues...


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I just got mine in today - indeed, a fantastic book.

O.H. Lee said...

Recieved mine today also. Simply amazing!

Pomeranus said...

As I read the suggestions for use of the Daily Offices, I had a moment of weakness and asked myself if I could really add a mid-morning and mid-afternoon office to my schedule. A word attributed to Luther immediately came to mind: Heute habe ich viel zu tun, deshalb muss ich viel beten. Today I have a lot to do, therefore I must pray a lot. May this resource give us the impetus, discipline and resources to pray a lot so that we can get a lot done.
M. Zamzow

Pastor Jeff Hemmer said...

Does the typo at the end of the Lord's Prayer in the Litany (the musical setting in the middle) make the first run a collector's item?

Scot K said...

No. Just a mistake to be corrected in the second printing. :)

Kay M. said...

I appreciate your taking the time to note your thoughts and recommendations. Mine hasn't arrived yet, but your notes will help me get my head around the book before I begin using it with the boys in Advent.

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Where is mine? When will it arrive? I can't wait!


Stoleman said...

Pastor Weedon,

Mine arrived yesterday and I took it to bed with me. It is definitely a large resource that provides a continuity previously not provided for years, but definitely will be a resource for all poeple.

To God be the Glory!!!
Darian L. Hybl

Pastor Jeff Hemmer said...

Nuts. I'll take down my ebay listing, then...

All jesting aside, what a remarkable resource this is. Scot, you and all your collaborators are greatly to be thanked.

Scott Larkins said...

Picked mine up at the Sem bookstore yesterday.

What a great gift to the Church!

Thanks CPH. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Just got mine yesterday. Ordered one for each member of the family and I even ordered one for my dear mother.

My reaction? Wow!

BTW, thanks for your generous words about my small contribution. You are too kind.

Rev. Tom Fast

William Weedon said...


Can you just hear what KORBY would say about THIS puppy???

Anonymous said...


I'm sure he'd love it. It encapsulates so much of what he taught. Wait a second...I think I hear him now. He's saying: "Pastors, don't just brag about this book or put it on the shelf to look pretty. USE it. And after you have used it yourself, then commend its use to your parishioners..." :-)

I consider the Treasury of Daily Prayer and the Pastoral Care Companion to be, by far and away, the most important publications in my lifetime. And one of the great things about both of those books is that they are not only unique, but timeless. My great, great grandchildren will find them as useful as I do.

Man, we have a great publishing house with some brilliant editors. What a gift.

Rev. Tom Fast

Anonymous said...

Strike the "most important publications in my lifetime" part of my comment above. That was a little bit too broad of a statement. But I would have to say that, for ME, these two books are shaping up to be my favorites and, perhaps, the most important publication, in my eyes, that CPH has produced in my lifetime.

Rev. Tom Fast

William Weedon said...

Tim Landskroener told me he ran into an Orthodox priest the other day at the hospital. Guess what was in his hands: Pastoral Care Companion! He had been introduced to it through something at Concordia, and had found it to be so thorough and complete that he keeps it with him. So, I think PCC may indeed be a treasure for not just us, but for a whole generation!

Anonymous said...


Tom Fast