05 February 2009

Patristic Quote of the Day

So, then, the Father is holy, the Son is holy, and the Spirit is holy, but they are not three Holies; for there is one Holy God, one Lord. For the true holiness is one, as the true Godhead is one, as that true holiness belonging to the Divine Nature is one. - St. Ambrose, Book III on the Holy Spirit


Brian P Westgate said...

Perhaps the so-called Athanasian Creed should receive a new nickname: the so-called AMBROSIAN Creed. Whoever wrote Quicunque vult must have read this!

Pr. Lehmann said...


I'd like to think it was much more like the LXX. Seventy authors of the creed and they all came out with exactly the same text. ;-)

BTW, this comment is a happy Napoleon Dynamite moment. The word I had to type in for "word verification" was liger.