08 February 2008

Another Krauth

[I'm rereading him and he's SOOO good]

The whole Christ is truly present after the incomprehensible manner of that world of mystery and of verity in which He reigns. He applies, to faith, at His table, the redemption which he wrought upon the cross. Through His body and blood, he purchased our salvation - truly and supernaturally; through His body and blood He applies salvation - truly and supernaturally. In Christ's Supper, as in His person, the human and the natural is the organ of the divine and supernatural which glorifies it. As is the redemption, so is its sacrament. [Conservative Reformation, p. 465]


Anonymous said...

I'd like to donate to buy a copy of this book and send it to Texas.


William Weedon said...

Good idea!

Viekerhaus said...

You can download a digital copy of this book at Goolebooks. It's amazing what's available there.