06 February 2008

Is there any

joy that compares with a pastor laying his hands on your head and absolving you of all your sins? Today that was my joy - to receive a forgiveness as certain on earth as it is in heaven. Pastors need to confess too, and to hear the word of absolution, a word that brings comfort and hope. Thank you, Pastor, for hearing my confession; but thank you even more for speaking my Savior's forgiveness into my ears and putting it upon me with the laying on of hands.


Anonymous said...

If there is, I haven't found one.

I love the Eucharist. It is joy and comfort of an incredible magnitude, but confession and absolution is like being consciously present at one's own baptism.

Absolutely scary and absolutely joyful at the same time.


William Weedon said...

Amen, my friend!