13 February 2008

First Lenten Midweek

Today was, in my estimation, the perfect day. Not only did we start with Matins for Trinity-St. Paul Lutheran School at which our beloved District President spoke on our access to the Father through the perfect sacrifice of His Son, but we then had pericopal study and lunch. I got to do yet another house blessing and have a visit with Eunice. Then home to get things ready for tonight.

At 6:15 some of us gathered to celebrate a spoken Divine Service and meditate together on Christ not making propitiation, but BEING the propitiation, and then receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Finally at 7:15, what joy to gather for the first Lenten Evening Prayer commemorating our Lord's Passion. It continues rather cold and bitter here, so our numbers were down a bit - our older folk are not comfortable venturing out in this. But it was joy to sing together Phos Hilaron and Psalm 141 and pray Psalms 27 and 51 and then hear the first part of the Passion, meditate on our Lord's "intentionality" in offering Himself, sing the Magnificat and the Litany. It's so RIGHT to gather as a family in Christ in the evening "as lamps are lit and children nod" and return thanks to Him who is "our loving Lord and source of all that is good" and to give an ear to the Words and then to beg God's mercy for all sorts and conditions. A true oasis in the middle of the week. Glory to God for all things!

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