10 February 2008


I think I spent more time in St. Paul's today than anywhere else. We had the two Divine Services, with Bible Class in between - same as usual. And then we hosted the District's Pastors and Elders Workshop from 2 to 4 (but we were there from 1 to 4:30). Dr. Lessing (from St. Louis sem) did a fine presentation on Jeremiah and coping with disaster. But I must confess the BEST part of the day was when Jimbo (Pastor Leistico) delivered into my greedy little hands St. Cyril of Alexandria's Commentary on Luke; he's letting me borrow it for the year or so. Bet you can't guess where Patristic Quotes for the Day are likely to be coming from, can you? Anywho, then at 5 I conducted our Catechism Service and we pondered the Parable of the Prodigal Son and its relationship to private Confession and Absolution. To top it all off, when I came home and Cindi made me go downstairs and watch the weather forecast for tomorrow. ICK!!!

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Jimbo said...

it's the least I could do for all the benefits I've received through you from God, all the times you have been the highlight of my day (not counting the sight of my gracious wife, which most days is a given)

BUT that still does not mean you get to keep the book...