17 February 2008

"See this wonder in the making..."

"...God Himself this child is taking." We were blessed to welcome Brooke Lydia into the holy Church today through the Sacrament of Baptism. "Here we bring a child of nature; home we take a new born creature." I don't remember how many Baptisms we've celebrated this year, but it's been a few. And the water of life keeps flowing. What a blessing in Lent to see and remember where we're headed: back to the font. As we move from the center of the chancel to the font, the words spoken are: "The Lord preserve your coming in and your going out from this time forth and forevermore." All of Brooke Lydia's earthly pilgrimage, as also our own, will be a constant coming back to the font, to the gift given there. Absolution is never a new or a different forgiveness, but always a return to the forgiveness given at the font. Dr. Korby used to pronounce the absolution, touching the Baptismal font. The gift of forgiveness, rescue from death and the devil, and everlasting salvation - the gifts the Holy Spirit brings to us with Himself in the waters - these are ours for so long as "it is called today." Lent calls us to come home to the font. What are we waiting for?

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