21 February 2008

Patristic Quote of the Day

And this too was for the benefit of Jairus, though it was indeed a hard lesson. For he learns, that neither legal worship, nor the shedding of blood, nor the slaying of goats and calves, nor the circumcision of the flesh, nor the rest of the sabbaths, nor ought besides these of temporary and typical matters, can save the dwellers upon earth: faith only in Christ, can do so, by means of which even the blessed Abraham was justified, and called the friend of God, and counted worthy of special honors. -- St Cyril of Alexandria, Homily 45 on St. Luke

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Jimbo said...

goodness, I've read more from my book since you've had it than I did when I had it!
or at least since November. I was reading it pretty regularly for sermon prep until Year C ended.