22 February 2008

Relaxing Day

What a wonderful, relaxing day. Kids were off school. Got up a little later than normal and enjoyed the usual pot of coffee. Then we decided to use up a Cracker Barrel gift card, and invited Dave and Jo to join us for lunch. After lunch we all returned here and spent the afternoon playing Tripoli and Liverpool. Dave and Jo headed home around dusk, David went to Meaghen's, and Cindi and Bekah are watching some flicks. I'm enjoying a fine glass of Franzia boxed wine and mindlessly surfing the net. And best of all? I think Cindi just MAY come up and give a gander at the latest Lara Croft game I downloaded for her - she used to entertain us by the hour figuring those things out. Only thing that could have made the day more perfect would be to have Lauren and Dean here with us. Well, hopefully Spring break isn't too far away.


BLDavis said...

For a moment there, I thought you said "boxed wine". Oh, wait ... !

William Weedon said...

Hey, like I told my buddy Charlie, I like Napa wines - they taste like Franzia. :)