26 February 2008


Enough already!!! I'll just have to watch a slide-show of our trip to Cancun last May and THINK myself back into being warm and walking in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this one missed us! I think it's the only one that has all winter. We went to Florida at the end of January - the warmth and sunshine seem like a distant dream now!
Carla Fast

Maria said...

We're having an annoying pattern of quick-moving cold fronts. So, we get a few days that are in the 80s, a few days of rain, and a few days that are sunny and cold, around 55/30. Today was one of the icky rainy days.

Want to trade?

William Weedon said...

Well, we're no where near as bad as Carla or as good as Maria weather-wise. It's just annoying that it KEEPS snowing and cold - not really amounting to a thing on the ground other than (what did Tolkien say) a little bit to cool a hobbit's toes? Something like that.

Anonymous said...

"Wuss" as a recently departed parishoner called me when I didn't ride my motorcycle to visit him after it turned cold (below freezing)last fall.

Enjoying the cold and snow for all it's worth because I know it's going to be 95 in the shade not long from now.

Pr. Lehmann said...

You really don't expect sympathy do you? You're always talking about how much you love snow.

William Weedon said...

And I DO love snow, in the proper season: it should snow in December and January. THAT'S it. :) But then it should be LOTS. Now it should be GONE. I want to see crocuses and such!