23 February 2008

One of the nicest things about LSB

is having the Holy Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Funeral and Individual Confession and Absolution services readily available in the Hymnal. I've appreciated them all so very much since we've begun using the book. Truly, conducting the occasional services has never been so easy for the pastor or so blessed by congregational participation!


exegete77 said...

I agree with your assessment. The only addition I would have liked in LSB: inclusion of the Propers for each Sunday and Festivals.


elephantschild said...

As a layperson I also love that those services are easily referenced. We will certainly be "brainwashing" our daughter as to what a wedding of proper decorum is like. :)

I have a 1928 Book of Common Prayer on my stack, and OH, it's got EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink in there. (Well, at least if you're Anglican, it's got everything.)

I've heard buzz about a Prayer book that would have all the associated propers & "stuff" together in one place - that would be nice.

And yes, I know about the Brotherhood Prayer Book, but as a Homeschooling mom, I want something that lines up exactly w/ what's happening in church. :)

William Weedon said...

Ah, but note what BCP lacks! MUSIC. The Lutheran books tend to compromise on how much liturgy than can squeeze in in order to have the hymns and the liturgy in a single volume. If you've ever juggled the hymnal and the BCP at an episocpalian liturgy, you'll appreciate our arrangement all the more! :)