18 February 2008

Freedom and the Phone

I had been raised that whenever the Master calls (the Master being the phone), absolutely everything is dropped and one runs - literally at times - to serve it (that is, to pick it up and see what it wants). For many years we've had an answering machine, but I never once thought of its real usefulness, and continued in my servitude. Lately, though, I've really decided to dethrone this Master from my life. If I'm busy working on something and the Master rings. I smile and keep on working. If it's important, a message will be left and usually I'm in a position to be able to HEAR the message and decide then and there if it's something I need to interrupt what I'm working on to deal with. I'm sure that it must aggravate some that the phone doesn't INSTANTLY put them in touch with me, but I'm totally enjoying the freedom of not being at former Master's beck and call. Leave a message, folks - because my days of running when Master calls are over!


Christopher D. Hall said...

O Fortuna! You have finally turned into that pastor every complains about: the one who sits at his computer and ignores his people! Now we know who all the other pastors are talking about. Glad it's not me! ;)

necessaryroughness.org said...

Ever since we got DishTV and its ability to display the Caller ID on every TV in the house, that phone is our master no more. If we're in the middle of something, we let the answering machine get it, and life goes on.


Anonymous said...

You've been annoyingly doing that for the last 8 years.
and have taught bek the same annoying habit
and David too...cept it doesn't matter who leaves a message he isn't picking it up.

Anonymous said...

oh...and he's really good at ignoring people on the computer (this he's ALSO been doing...for the last 20 years.)
I used you in class the other day as an example! We were talking about bad listening skills...and I said. "It's really annoying when you're trying to talk to someone and you get his attention and then he goes back to staring at the computer and after you've been talking for 5 minutes you get a 'what?'"

William Weedon said...






I am sure I have NO idea what you are talking about (because I wasn't listening)! ;) Love you, honey. Can't wait for spring break to get here and see you guys again.

Paul T. McCain said...

You know, you are such a Luddite, at heart.

They also have invented something called "caller ID" and "cell phones" and you can actually see who is calling before you answer!

Welcome to the 20th century.

: )