14 February 2008

Julana Aufdemberge +

Our beloved Jo Aufdemberge, asleep in Jesus, sometime yesterday evening. How can we list her contributions to our parish family? Faithful worshipper and attender at Bible Class. Bell ringer. LWML regular. Helped with VBS a number of years. Served on Board of Evangelism and later Board of Christian life. Sang in choir. Did the cross-stitch for the Baptismal Crosses we give to the newly baptized (what she was apparently doing when she died!). I know I'm leaving a thousand things out.

Grant rest, O Christ, to Your servant, with Your saints! Please keep Jo's family in your prayers. Arrangements pending.


Pr. Lehmann said...

Wow. This really breaks my heart. Who would have ever thought Jo could die?

Anonymous said...

My heart as well.


Jo said...

My heart is saddened. She came over and talked with me last Sunday and said she was coming by my house after Bells on Wednesday. She wanted to get to know me better and to see my artwork. Even though I didn't know her very well, she always spoke to me and asked about my health. Rest in Christ.

Anonymous said...

This is the first I'd heard of Jo's passing! How heart-wrenching! I sit here with the tears just streaming, remembering so many close conversations she and I had and the times we commisserated (sp?) after Pastor Carl's passing! She was always such a tower of strength -- even during her sorrows. I'm gonna miss being able to go to her for both comfort and guidance when I needed it. She cried with me when I told her that I thought my path in life was to become a pastor, and she cried with me when I discovered otherwise! Oh I'm gonna miss her! None of you can possibly imagine!

Todd Wilken said...


Every time I was privileged to fill in for you at St. Paul, I noticed Mrs. Aufdemberg.

Why? She listened! Her ears were wide open.

She listened to my imperfect preaching and teaching as though she were listening to Christ Himself!

Why? She knew that she was. And now she does.