17 February 2008

It still seems wrong...

...even after seeing Jo's body at the funeral home tonight. It seems wrong. Today at church I kept expecting to see her, sitting by Ruth for Bible class. Reading along with the sermon during service. Up with the bells practicing after late service. Worse of all, I think, is the sadness for all of us of not being able to say a proper good-bye, not being able to tell her how much we love her and thank her for the blessing she's been to us. It still seems wrong.

O God, her soul is in your keeping. May it please you to let her know how very much she is loved and missed here. And thank you for the years you shared her with us. We were not deserving of her smile, her kindness, her gentle and tender words, but we rejoice that through her your love touched us and to you we give praise, even in the midst of tears. Amen.

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Pr. Lehmann said...

It is wrong.

Jo should not have died. She should not have inherited sin from her father. She should not have been thrown into a world where she was so addicted to sins that she could not keep herself from them (though I for one can't remember ever seeing evidence that she was a sinner until I read the post about her death).

She was murdered by Satan. Damn him. Damn him to hell forever.

But thanks be to Jo's Savior. Because of Him I will get to be with her forever.