24 October 2008

BUT if you think I lost a lot (I did!)....

...consider Cindi's success:


George said...

So, is Cindi the one on the right or on the left? :)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I had no idea you guys lost all that weight. I found your blog when you were already way into the Atkins, I just thought you wanted to drop a few.

Cindi doesn't even look like the same person. I thought it was a sister.

Hey, I can comment again on your blog! Thanks for going back, P-Dub.

William Weedon said...

Very funny, George! :)


I didn't actually do anything - blogger must have been up to something. I've not changed any settings, but it was acting up for me this morning too.

girliefriend said...


Scott Larkins said...

There and back again....307.....175.....270.

Oh Bloody 'ell!

However....it's nice being 6'3.