21 September 2007


A couple weeks ago we managed to have all our ACs at Church go on the fritz. Two required some minor repairs, but one needed to be replaced. And replaced it was. But it wasn't the only thing!

We used to have thermostats in the Church that were idiot proof (in other words, I could work them). You know, you pushed a lever to Heat-Off-Cool. And you slid a bar to set the temperature. Sigh. THEM were the days.

NOW? NOW there are two computerized thingies on the back wall. Touchscreens, no less. I haven't the foggiest clue. I keep pushing buttons until I hear the AC come on, but I'm not sure how to turn it back off or how long it will run for. GRR. Roger, I know you're laughing about this, but you are going to HAVE to show me how to work them hands on. Thanks for leaving the manuals, but.... I work on Mac. I don't read manuals and I can't understand them when I try to. Sometimes "improvements" are for the birds.


Anonymous said...

All of your Augsburg Confessions (ACs) went on the fritz? I guess you're just like most Lutheran congregations!

Pr. Cota

William Weedon said...

Pr. Cota,

That's very rich! I'll enjoy that for the rest of the evening.

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

Maybe Lauren will give you a grandchild in 8 months, then about 6 months later they can teach you how to work the AC.


Anonymous said...

that would be a negative pastor lehmann, it'd actually be about 12 or so months later...at least give the kid time to walk.

he's probably going to have to show you how to work it every year you need it to use it too...kinda like the furnace?

William Weedon said...

I DEMAND to know who that last anonymous was, because it sounds an awful lot like Millie Ernst!!!