12 September 2007

Pondering the life of a dog...

So, Lucy gets up with Bekah, at what? 6:15 or so. Before that she's been sleeping on Bekah's bed since 10 at night. But she's bright eyed in the morning. Potty time and then the real treat: her one meal of the day, three small scoops of food, which she gobbles down so fast she consistently chokes as she eats it. Then the hopeful lurking around the breakfast table. But come 7:45 or so, poor thing is exhausted. She always takes aim for the blue chair in the living room - leather-like and warmed by the morning sun pouring in the front window. She contentedly snoozes off again. And there are days she basically stays there or will move to the sofa after the sun passes overhead and sleep ALL day. She stirs again when the kids get home and she expects a wee bit of play time in the evening and again, another hopeful hunt around the table for anything we might let drop. Then she settles down for her pre-night time nap and sleeps for several hours. Right around 10 she gets her bed time potty and then off to Bekah's bed. This is our dog's life. Most of it is sleep, but no sleep seems to suit her so well as the drowsy basking in the morning sun.


Anonymous said...

Note to Lucy-
Your day sounds a lot like mine! Those humans just don't understand the higher thinking that goes on in the mind of a beagle-it just looks like snoozing!

Lucky, who is also basking in the morning sun (on her favorite couch!)

Anonymous said...

Lucy is one cool Beagle!
How I wish my dog were still at that stage of life.

He's eleven now, which is getting up there for a Chow and aside from his frequent trips outside to do his business (good thing my husband is retired or I'd be the one getting up at 4:00 a.m. to let him out even though we take up his water at night) weren't bad enough but now he has developed an appetite that won't quit. Chows generally aren't "greedy" when it comes to food but these days the minute one opens the refrigerator there's a face below looking intently in, or at the stove when one is cooking or at the counter when one is preparing food.

This dog, who used to take his treats as gently as a lamb has become a ravenous wolf and one must count fingers when offering said treat because he acts like he hasn't been fed in years.

And sleeping has been taken to a fine art. It's become his favorite activity.

I suppose I'd better prepare myself for the fact that he's not going to be around forever.

Randy Asburry said...

You wouldn't be jealous of Lucy's life, now, would you, my friend? ;-)

The secret to livening up a beagle's life is...are you ready?...to get another beagle! :-) Yes, they'll still sleep a lot, and still wolf down food without even tasting it, but at least they can also wrestle with each other and race each other to the dropped scraps of human food. Such things really do liven up a whole household!

Your fellow beagle lover.

Anonymous said...

Can I trade places with Lucy (except at night)?


Mr. & Mrs. Traylor said...

Pondering a life of a dog...
This week in our CPH Voyages Lesson is titled God Made Animals and People. Our words to remember are " Before I formed you...I knew you." Jeremiah 1:5
There are times in my life when I feel like a " Dog ", an unattractive person. When the mother begged our Lord to heal her daughter Matthew 15:27 and Mark 7:28. I can remember a time my own mother going to Him in prayer and He cast the devil out of me and helped me recover from Depression, as a dog like me ate the crumbs from our Masters Table. Thank God...the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looked on my heart.1 Samuel 16:7

LPC said...

Pr. Will,

My former dog, peedee an Australian Kelpie cross, taught me a lot about discipleship. No matter how I disciplined him (because he can be naughty), I can never get him to hate me. He still chased and followed me around. He was the best and most intelligent dog I ever had, and right now I am dogless because I do not want another to replace him in my heart.

I do envy a dog's life...

Enjoy Lucy, one of God's blessings to you. Amen.